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Frequently Asked Questions

A. How often should I have my car washed?
You should wash your car frequently to avoid dirt getting repeatedly pounded into the carpet and seats and corrosive materials like salt, bird poop and bugs eating at your paint. The longer you wait the more damage is done and the harder (and more expensive) it is to remove these items.

B. How often should I have my car waxed?
Most auto instruction manuals recommend you wax your car once a month for maximum protection. Usually that is the case for harsher weather climates. Here in the McKinney, TX, you can get away with waxing your car once every three months to maintain a beautiful shine.

C. Can your car wash scratch my car?
No. There is no metal in the car wash that touches the car.

D. Will your brushes harm my car’s paint?
No, our soft touch cloth foam brushes are specifically designed to apply the proper friction to properly wash your car. Many studies have been made comparing hand washing and machine washing and in all cases friction car washes have proven to be less harmful to paint than hand washes.

E. Does your car wash remove tar?
Yes, we remove tar but not through the car wash. Tar and certain oils used on roads require extremely strong solvents to remove. Our professionally trained detailers will be happy to remove the tar with solvent which is specifically designed to treat sensitive surfaces.

G. Does your car wash get rid of bugs?
Yes. We can treat your vehicle properly to effectively remove bugs. However, in some cases, if the bugs have been left on the paint for a long time, exposed to high heat or there are a lot of them, then we will hand treat your car before washing it to ensure they come off.

H. Do you do hand washes?
Yes. We offer hand washes. However, due to the busy schedule during the weekend, we may not be able to accommodate you during the weekend.

I. Do you wash convertibles?
As long as your convertible top does not leak, we can wash it in our tunnel. If it does have leaks, we can hand wash it for you.

J. Can I wash or wax my new car right away, or do I need to wait a specific period of time?
The new modern acrylics, enamels, and clear coat finishes show more dirt and elements and require your new car’s finish to receive more tender care on the front end. Oftentimes your owner’s manual will give you guidance on how long to wait.

K. My car has a “clear coat sealant”. Do I still need to wax it?
Yes. Most new cars have a high-gloss clear coat finish sealant. Most clear coat sealants last 6 to 9 months loosing protection effectiveness with time. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, salt, and road wear and tear also contribute to the diminishing of the sealant. Wax is an effective and efficient way to shine and protect a car’s finish. Wax your car every three to six months. More frequent waxes are needed if your car is red, black, or white because these colors are more susceptible to UV rays.


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